Picturing Your Suite Dream

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Are you ready to get closer to your suite retreat? That unique place that will inspire and relax you. Take you away if only for a short while. Get closer with a dream board. Your dream board will be your visual inspiration. It should include magazines pictures and clippings of what you want your space to look like and feel like. For example I have two favorite places that I want my retreat to reflect. A beach house, on a warm and sunny coast. To “get there”. I pull out Islands and Coastal Living magazines and dream as I flip through the page. My Second escape is to the desert. I envision palm trees and mountains. To get here I peruse Phoenix Home and Garden and Arizona Highways. I am inspired by the houses, furnishings, art and places to visit. My dream board or boards would include clippings of inspirational rooms, homes, plants, drinks, words featured in these magazines. Beginning visualizing your suite retreat.

The sites below will help you begin creating your dream board. You may want to create on canvas or art board so that you can later hang it in your space. You can also create in a binder that you can later share in your space. The pillow case above was inspired by a dream board.


How to Make a Dream Board, Wiki-How

Inspired Living; How to Create a Dream Board, by Alejandra Ramos

Suite Life Design

Crop2My name is Glenda and this is my semi-retirement adventure. I have been interested in architecture, design and real estate for my adult life. I studied design in college. And like many who gave up a passion, I changed majors to pursue a field that could support me in my adulthood. Education and Business. I have continued to follow and study design and real estate through self-learning activities and adventures, assisting friends with remodeling and design and attending workshops and seminars. In addition, I have redesigned and retrofitted my homes and rental property. This site will let me pursue these topics and share tips and my learning. I hope to inspire myself and others to create their own private sanctuaries, for personal use or profit.